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Cyber Forensic Accounting

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Cyber security, Forensic accounting, and Fraud Examination


Introduction to Cybersecurity, computer forensics & Cybercrimes

Forensic Accounting

Investigative Techniques & Expert Witness Testimony Cases

Fraud Examination

Conducting fraud examinations using digital data analysis, Cyberdata

Interviewing Skills

Interviewing skills for clients and during discovery phase of investigation.


Managing digital evidence inlducing preservation, handling and gathering.

Emerging Technologies

Exploring various data and technologies used in digital forensics & accounting. 

Data Analytics

Using various techniques and tools for data analysis in forensic cases.


Extract, Transform and Load  ETL 

Preparing the data

Data Visualization

Using Tableau to prepare visual dashboards and deep dive into the data

Data Mining

Mining the data set for anomalies and other outliers in the data. 

Big Data

Exploring Big Data in forensic accounting and how to analyze for forensic investigations.

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