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Interviewing Skills

In this lesson, we will discuss interviewing skills for interrogations and forensic analysis. 

PICPA Beyond the Copy-The CPA as Expert Witness


Ladson Wilson, S. (2016). Keep asking questions. Journal Of Accountancy, 222(1), 88.


Introduction to Criminal Investigation:  Processes, Practices, and Thinking

Chapter 9: Interviewing, Questioning, and Interrogation

AICPA Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination 

Chapter 5  Engagement Performance


AICPA FVS Forensic Analysis Expert Witness Testimony

Defending Your Expert Report & Expert Testimony 

Birnbaum, G. L., & Cloar, V. (2014). Surviving on cross-exam: Tips for expert witnesses. Journal Of Accountancy, 218(4), 1.

Christensen, B. A. (2009). The Direct Examination OF A Forensic Accountant. Family Advocate, 31(4), 39.



KPMG Interviewing Skills

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