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MBA: Corporate Finance

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The four forms of corporate formation,  ownership vs. control, and the stock market. 


Financial Statement Analysis including the BS, IS and SCF. 


Time Value of Money (TVM), valuing a cash flow stream, NPV, Perpetuities & Annunities

Bond Valuation

Bond Valuation including bond prices, cash flows and 


Stock Valuation

Stock Valuation using Dividend Discount, Total Payout, & Free Cash Flow (FCF)

Investment Decisions

Investment rules for IRR, Payback, Growth and Profitability Index, 

Capital Risk & Return

Captial Market Risk, Volatility,  and Average Return. Types of Risks 

Capital Structure

Capital Structure, Modigliani and Miller Propositions, Cost of Capital & WACC

Capital Budgeting

Complete Capital Budgets valuations with WACC, APV method, and Flow to Equity 

WC Management

Working Capital Management

ST Financial Planning

Short Term Financial Planning


Supplemental Source for Corporate Finance at the 

MBA Level 

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