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Cyber Forensic Accounting

Emerging Technologies

In this lesson, you will have the opportunity to explore several technologies. 

Emerging Technologies Resources

Below are additional resources to explore for each emerging technology. 

Artifical Intelligence

AI Welcome to the Machines

Top 10 AI Technologies

4 AI Technologies Impacting Business Right Now

AI & Blockchain

Rethinking the Audit

What AI Can & Can't-Do

Don't Fear Super Intelligent AI

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Augmented Enterprise: Becoming a Reality

How VR Impacts Business Next 5 Years

Big Data Ethics & Storage

What's up with Big Data Ethics?

Why Accountants should Own Big Data

Big Data Storage Defined & Storage

Why Data Lakes are Evil?

Block Chain

Next Big Thing Blockchain

Blockchain & the Future of Audit

Blockchain Win for Energy Sector

Platform for Digitization

Tech Plan for Critical Mass

Building Block of the future

Implementing Blockchain

Strategist's Guide to Blockchain

What Accountant's need to Know

How Impact Acctg & Audit

Get Ready for Blockchain

Promises Data Sooner

Accountants Irrelevant

Blockchain Documentary

Toyota Smart cars via BC

What is Blockchain?

How BC transform the Economy 

Stopped & Started Trusting

 Changing Money & Business

Responsibility without Power

Cloud Computing

Cloud Taxation Issues & Impact

Worldwide Digital Tax Guide

Governing the Cloud

Dark Data & Analytics

Dark Data

Dark Data Management

The Next Frontier

New in Data & Analytics

High Level Intro for Accounants

Internet of Things (IoT)

Human Machine Interactions

How IoT Impact CPAs

How People Using IoT

Difficult to Escape

Forget IoT Need Internet of People

Natural Language

Customers Text You Something

Sentiment Analysis

Text Analytics Mines

Robotic Process Automation

What is RPA?

Automation's Next Frontier

RPA is the New BPO

Digital Disruption

Get Ready for Robots

RPA in the Finance Funtion

Tax Workers & Robots

Analytics & Intuition

How Automation Change Acctg

Bots in Action


AICPA Data Standards

Bitcoin Blockchain Commercialization

Cognitive Computing

Continuous Auditing

Machine Learning

Deep Learning Neural Networks

Speech Recognition

Cybersecurity Video Series: The Internet of Things (IoT)

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