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Cyber Forensic Accounting  Lesson

Here we will explore the cyber aspects of forensic accounting, such as computer crimes and digital forensics. 

Inaugural White Collar Crime and Fraud Risk Survey from Protiviti

Access the results of the survey at this link 

Cyber Crime Isn't About Computers: It's About Behavior | Adam Anderson | TEDxGreenville

What is Cyber Forensics?

Video Resources

AICPA Characteristics & Skills of the Forensic Accountant


AICPA Top Cybercrimes Whitepaper

How CPAs Can Protect Themselves & Their Clients

AICPA Forensic & Valuation Services Practice Aid for Forensic Accounting-Fraud Investigations

Chapter 2 & 3


Lunsford, D. L., & Robbins, W. A. (2005). Cyber-Criminals and Data Sanitization: A Role for Forensic Accountants. Forensic Examiner, 14(2), 50.

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