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New Approach to Managing Emails

With the new year and the new semester in full swing, this Fast Company article provides 3 great tips to triage your email handing.

  1. Doesn’t require any response or action

  2. You can respond to and be finished with in a matter of minutes (my rule 3-5 minutes)

  3. Requires a response or action that you either don’t have time to deal with right away or that won’t be relevant until some later day or time

The article details 4 rules on how to handle you emails. I can't resist having all these numbers in my blog post. Remember Numbers are your friends.

  1. DO NOT leave your email box open all time (going to be so hard for me to do)

  2. Apply the Triage rule detailed above

  3. Better Email Notification System (don't get notification for emails, also so hard for me to do) and

  4. Embrace email tools in front of you.

Here is a link to the full article for your reading pleasure.

Email World Map and Envelopes

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