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2021 Spark Meeting of the Regions

American Accounting Association 

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Hybrid or Hyflex: Does It Work?

In this session, we will review the teaching methods we employed during the Covid Crisis to help us cope with the quick and vast changes. 


AAA Using a Plant Tour to Teach Job  Ord

Using a Plant Tour to Teach Job Order Costing

Taking students on a field trip of sorts to a Plant Tour can reinforce manufacturing Accounting Principles. 

Spark Using Kahoot as a Review Tool.jpg

How to Use Kahoot as a Review Tool in Accounting Classes

Using gamification tools such as Kahoot as a review tool in accounting classes. 



DL Teaching Tips Best Practice with Refe

Distance Learning Teaching Tips and Best Practices

The authors provide best practices & teaching tips for delivering accounting courses via distance learning.



Paz Adding Free Write to Auditing 2021 E

Adding Free Writes to Auditing

 Auditing students need to learn to write succinctly.  The authors borrow the concept of free writes from English and provide three examples as to how to incorporate it in an auditing course.



Providing 21 Century Skills Final.jpg

Providing Accounting Students with 21st Century Skills

The Literacy Standards set by the National Institute of Literacy divide 21st Century Skills. The authors analyze each skill and provide examples.



Timesavers Audio Video Feedback.jpg

Timesavers: Audio and Video Feedback

The authors provide ways in which to speed up this process by using audio and video feedback. The authors provide software tools to use.



2021 Olear Paz Creel Spark Presentation.

Is It Possible to Interact with Students in the Virtual Classroom?

This session reviews TopHat and how to interact with students in a virtual environment. 



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