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Saturday, January 23 is National Reading Day

Get Lost in A Book!

Saturday, January 23rd, is National Reading Day! Are you a book lover like myself? There is no better time than the present to indulge in your favorite hobby, reading! Books bring new worlds to life, enlighten us, and transport us on exciting adventures. So grab that book off the shelf or, in my case, in my e-reader, dust it off, silence the noise, and turn some pages for a while! Reading is fabulously fun!

Here are a few reasons to LOVE National Reading Day:

1.) Books expand our minds

It’s rare to read a book and not experience a new thought or perspective you’ve never considered before. We open ourselves to new information when we read and can walk in someone else’s shoes for a while. Frequent readers tend to be more aware of cultural differences and social issues while showing more compassion and understanding. Frequent readers also expand their vocabulary!

2.) Reading is good for our health

Studies prove that avid readers show fewer signs of stress and have higher problem-solving abilities than people who don't read. Accountants need problem-solving skills, so why not read. Reading renews energy, elevates your mood, promotes more restful sleep, and slows Alzheimer’s and dementia progression through brain activity. Overall, reading leads to a longer, healthier, more fabulous life.

3.) It creates community

With the popularity of book clubs, reading is now considered a team sport. Having a group of friends to share the highlights, learning points, and books' humor makes reading that much more fun. Resource -

Need some inspiration to pick your next book? Check out these recommended resources!

Need space on your bookshelves to fit new books? Celebrate National Reading Day by clearing out space for a new book. Here are some tips for donating used books-

I hope you take some time this weekend or over the colder months to sit down and enjoy a good read! Happy Reading, Everyone!


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